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Information gathered by Marguerite E. Robinson 

Jacob Mefford, Served in the Revolution 1781 from Fredericks town, MD. 

Pension appl. W- 9562. Pension appl. 

"Since writing you it has occured to my mind--- I enl in Fredericstown, MD and Capt. Lemon asked me how long I wanted to enlist for, and I said three years---

I thought three years entitled me to land--- 

He fell to writing and measured me by the standard, five feet and five inches high and fair complection then had me qualified to be true to my trust by Squire Young. gave me bounty money and a suit of clothes and told me where to go to my station----- 

For about three years after the war ceased I went to South western Kentucky. And from there to ---and came home to my father's house and them sold my horse and went to Baltimore, where my brother John, was. We was both musketmen togeather, my brother, William was a seamon. My father had but one brother and he had many sons old enough to be in the Revolution."

Jacob stated in his pension appl. he had ten children. Eight of them living with him. " my eldest daughter is called Polly, and is twenty six years of age. My second child is a daughter aged 20, called, Ellenor by third child is a son called Thomspon aged 17 years. my fourth child is a daughter called Nancy and my fifth is a son called William, aged 10, my sixth child is a son James aged eight, my 7th child is a son called Jackson aged 4, and by 8th child is a daughter called Malissa, aged 2. In the name of God. Amen"

Film # 0529406 Jacob Mefford Will pg 63  

Last Will and Testement of Jacob Mefford

I, Jacob Mefford, of Campbell County Kentucky, being frail and weak of body but at this time of sound and disposing mind and memory. Do make and publish this as and for my last will and testament hereby revoking all others-- 

I give and bequeath to my beloved wife, Elleanor Mefford, my whole estate, both pursonal and real during her natural life. At her death, I will the above mentioned estate be equally divided between; John Mefford, Thompson Mefford, William Mefford, Elizabeth, the wife of Daniel Stewart, Elanor, the wife of  John Cody, Nancy, the wife of Thompson P. Mefford, Malissa, the wife of Henry Parker.

As it respects my son James, I give him five dollars and no more, unless he shall cancel and surrender up an instrument of writing which he holds against me for $96 and intrust therein, if he does that then he is to come in for an equal share in said estate- 

I thereby appoint my son, Thompson Mefford, executor of this, my last will and testament in witness whare of I have hearunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 30 day of November, 1844.



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